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She Broke the Glass Ceiling in Silicon Valley
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Photography | Andrea Flanagan|

Hair & Makeup | Danyel Crindlebaugh

Meet Karla

Karla Trippe is a marketing and branding strategist, communications exec, published writer, and public servant. She has launched more than 50 products worldwide during her career.

She began working in Dallas in 1983 for an advertising & public relations agency. She moved up the corporate ladder to the executive suite in Silicon Valley and eventually started her own agency in 1998. Karla defied the glass ceiling and achieved every career goal she set for herself. You can visit her primary website to know about her extraordinary work and achievements.

Intro to Scenes from the Valley

Scenes from the Valley codifies what boomer women went through to reach leadership positions at technology companies in the 1990s. Its stories come from the personal experiences of women, including myself, working in the technology industry during that time. They reveal the normalcy and acceptance of physical and sexual misbehavior in the workplace. They show the choices women had to make to reach the top of the ladder, and just how precarious that space was.

Unlike other books that place the blame on women for their lack of upward mobility, Scenes from the Valley clearly lays out the difficulties women faced then and now in reaching for the top of the organizational chart.

Scenes form the Valley eBook

Important Announcement

Come to the Official Book Launch with Karla on Saturday, July 23 from 1-3 at Barnes & Noble, 5130 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson