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Scenes from the Valley Synopsis

Scenes from the Valley began as a book to help millennial and Generation Z females understand what baby boomer women had gone through in the ’80s and ’90s to create opportunities in the business world that hadn’t existed before. Then, as the book was being written, something momentous happened — the “#MeToo” movement. The emergence of #MeToo showed that women still needed to work hard to open doors and create opportunities for themselves and each other to reach the top. So instead of a book that had more of a historical approach, it became a narrative about the author’s #MeToo experiences from her time working in the Silicon Valley.

  Each chapter or “scene” are standalone stories in the narrator’s journey to reach the top of the Silicon Valley corporate world and how she overcomes the blocks put in her way. For example, in Scene 1 when the president of the agency she works for comes back from a disastrous meeting with the largest client, he hands all the employees a contract to sign stating that they (not he) were responsible for the problems with this account (regardless of whether the employee worked on it or not). Every employee was expected to take a pay cut and voluntarily work longer hours to make this client happy. Anyone who didn’t sign the contract, would be terminated. The scene then ends with the actions the narrator took and the lesson learned from the experience.

Embedded in many of the scenes are details about marketing departments and programs the narrator created during this period of her career. This makes the book a teaching tool particularly on the most strategic areas of marketing

The book covers the years 1989-1999 with an epilogue that discusses a recent research study about progress women have actually made over the past twenty years